Your holiday

Pacific Blitz offers great sailing holidays in Queensland for sailors, general tourists, special interest groups and individuals. You can choose one of our product and then design your holiday including accommodation, transfers and additional attractions or you can choose one of our Packages.

GROUPS When traveling with a small group of up to 8 guests, with a family of a few couples or friends- choose Fully Crewed or Skippered Private Charter. Crewed Charters offers 2 crew members and all inclusive. Skippered charters has option fro your own provisioning and one crew member – Skipper.GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE gift voucher SAILING HOLIDAYS
INDIVIDUALS Whether there are just two of you or a few but you still don’t need to have a yacht for yourself, choose our overnight or daily sailing options. pacific_blitz-Young-couple-jumping-in-water-150                  Great for couples or individuals, between 1-8 guests, 2 crew members, all inclusive and all individually organised last minute special dals
SPECIAL GROUPS If there is something special you’re celebrating or something unique about your group, we can meet your needs. With our Private charters we can arrange your whole holiday the way you want holidays whitsundaysAll available: Diving, Sea time recorded, Weddings, Birthdays and Family holidays. Always 2 crew members onboard, all inclusive, all individually planned & organised